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Annealing Wire

Annealing Wire
Chun Yu is the largest annealed wire manufacturer in Taiwan. We provide wide range of annealed wire, including low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and alloy steel. Our qualified raw materials come from China Steel Corporate and overseas famous steel making plants. In addition, Chun Yu’s annealing wire is produced by our superior experience, precision production facilities, and automatically computer-controlled production process.
Chun Yu’s annealed wire rod apply to wide range of products, such as fasteners, hand tools, wire ropes, automobile parts, and electric appliances. Our annealed wires and rods earned a high reputation of superior quality and performance.

Annealing Furnaces
Our modern continuous type spheroidzing annealing furnaces are used for volume orders. Atmosphere gas heat treatment in these furnaces use NX gas + RX gas, and the gas is circulated by powerful fans to improve the temperature distribution and maintain equal hardness throughout the coils to produce a stable quality with free decarburization annealing wire rods.

Pickling Plant
Automated equipment in our pickling plant includes fully automatic pickling equipment with PLC control residence time in each tank. This system avoids wasted materials and delivers stable product quality by eliminating man-made errors. Besides, an imported Austrian ring-type track system and an automatic overhead crane reduce the occupational hazard and achieve safety requirements. In addition, the human-machine interface and on-screen controls can be operated by one person, which is an improvement over the conventional multi-person operational approach. Automatic transportation and handling systems provide employees with a user-friendly workplace while insuring the finest quality.

Size Range and Application for Annealing Wire


Low & Medium Carbon Steel

Alloy Steel


1006 / 1008 / 1010 / 1015 / 1018 / 1022 / 1038 / 1045

35ACR / 40ACR / SCM415 - SCM440 / SCR415 - SCR440 / 4037 / 8640 – 8650 / 6150


2.60mm – 32.00mm

2.60mm – 32.00mm


Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Studs, Self-drilling Screws, Self-tapping Screws etc.

TC Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Automotive Parts, Hardware etc.