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  • Awarded with EC Certificate of Factory Production Control (EN 14399-1 HR, HV, HRC & EN 15048-1) in July
  • Invested and established Chun Yu (Anshan)Metal Products Co., Ltd. which targeted the domestic market demand in China and the South Asia markets.
  • Awarded with EN 14566 Certificate (Mechanical Fastener for gypsum plasterboard systems) & ISO EN 13918 Certificate (Welding – Studs and ceramic ferrules for arc stud welding) in July
  • Chun Yu Bio-Tech merged with Wire Master Works on 31st March, starts to engage in medical equipment industry.
  • Invested the Pit Type Spheroidizing Annealing Furnace to upgrade the quality of annealed wire rods.
  • Promoting the Collated Screw together with Collated Autofeed Screwdriver system and moving towards marketing integration.
  • Introduced and equipped High Speed Straight Line Type Wire Drawing Machine for Roller Cassette to enhance competitiveness over the wire.
  • Constructed the Chun Yu Group Headquarter Building.