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Category Name
Chemical Analysis Equipment
PH gauge Optical emission spectrometer
Dimensional Measure Instrument
Three wire gauge Magnetic stands Quick image
Head thickness gauge Profile projector Vision system
Johnson gauge Straightness gauge Microment
Punch gauge Digit height gauge Gauge blocks
Caliper Coordinate measuring machine
Mechanical Tester
Universal testing machine Torgue wrench Torque meter
Rockwell hardness tester Micro vickers hardness tester
Micro Viewer
Micro scope Tereo micro scope  
Other Performance Tester
Bolt tension meter Salt spray testing machine  
Bursting strength tester Bolt tension testing machine
Drilling testing machine Electromagnetic membrane tester
Magnetic crack detector Reciproation bending tester
Lnstruments for the measurement of surface roughness by the stylus method
TC tighten tool
Coating thickness measurement
Other Tester Supporting Faciuties
Cutter full automatic Grinder Mounting press machine
Lapping polish machine stud weld machine
Microprocessor programmable temperature control furnace