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For the New Comers
To help our new colleagues understand and familiarize with the Chun Yu family, they are given a comprehensive intern course. This course includes company introduction, compensation and benefits, work environment, products and so on. Besides, supervisors and senior colleagues will provide on-hand training to each new member, and help them to get on track.
On-the-Job Training
Employees can continually acquire their knowledge and skills sets with annual training courses. We cooperate with academic and professional institutes, and design the courses to strengthen core competencies and work performance for corporate future success.
Job Rotation
We encourage employees to gain perspective and develop a more comprehensive understanding of the operations of the company by training under different company department.
Overseas Assignments
Employees of Chun Yu are given opportunities for overseas assignments. They can experience living, work environment abroad and different cultures, develop an international perspective. Such unique opportunities increase both employees own and the company’s competitiveness.
Project Assignments
The Project assignments provide opportunities for cooperation with colleagues from different department, thereby enriching their work experience, expanding their professional scope, and contributing to the company.